How does Discover Groups work?

Discovering Groups to join is at the heart of what Resonate does for you!
Our proprietary MusicMatch algorithm looks at your music and music genres and serves up recommended Groups to you when you go to Discover and tap on Groups. A Resonate Group can be either an Artist or a Genre. You can also Search Groups for any group you might be interested in outside of the Groups Resonate recommends.
For now, Groups are currently pre-seeded by Resonate, you can’t create your own Group (however this option will be available in the future).
To Join any Group, just tap on Join.  Upon Joining, the Group will be added under Public Groups in My Groups and you will be taken to the Group page.  The Group page will show you a list of members around you (based on your Radius Setting).
Under any Group, you can Create a Post or view Posts.  A Post can be any new thread you want to start under a Group.  Just like in Resonate Chat, when creating a new Post, you can:
  • Include a text message to the Group
  • Include a Song to the Group
  • Invite Group members to a Concert or Place Event
You can Create a Post with any of these three items individually as it’s own Post or you can send any of these three items together in one Post.
To leave any Group, tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right hand side of the Group page and choose Leave Group.
To Share a Group that you belong to with someone else, so that they might join that Group, tap on the Share icon at the top right hand side of the Group page and choose the method you want to use to Share.  The Share message will be pre-populated for you.