How do Private Groups work?

Private Groups are not part of Discover. Any user can create a Private Group to include whatever users desired (similar to how a Group Text works on your phone).
Just like in Public Groups, within a Private Group, Private Group members can Create a Post, View Posts or add Comments to an existing Post that can only be seen by members of the Private Group.
To Create a Private Group:
  • Go to My Groups and tap Private in the orange Public/Private header
  • Tap the + symbol to create a new Private Group
  • Tap into Name of Group and give the Private Group a name (max 20 characters)
  • Tap the camera icon to add a picture for your Private Group (optional, but it’s cool to do this!)
  • Tap the + symbol to Add other users to your Private Group, then select the other users you want to add from your Connections list and tap Add
  • Tap Create at top right of page to Create your Private Group
It’s very easy to Edit (or Delete) a Private Group but only the user who created the Private Group can Edit or Delete it:
  • Tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right hand side of the Private Group page and choose Edit (or Delete)
  • Once in Edit, the Private Group creator can add or delete Private Group members as well as change the Private Group name and/or picture
If you are a member of a Private Group but did not create it and you want to leave the Private Group, just tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right hand side of the Private Group page and choose Leave Group.
To Share a Group that you belong to with someone else, so that they might join that Group, tap on the Share icon at the top right hand side of the Group page and choose the method you want to use to Share. The Share message will be pre-populated for you.  After the person you shared with downloads and installs Resonate, the Private Group creator can then add them to the Private Group.