How do I set (or change) My Favorite Artists and where do they appear?

Favorite Artists show separately on everyone’s Profile page.
Resonate lets you choose your Favorite Artists during onboarding.  During onboarding we display and let you choose your Favorite Artists from the 20 top Artists from your Favorite Genres you select during Genre Preferences.  Just scroll down the page and tap on any Artist in those presented to add that Artist as one of your Favorite Artists.
Of course, the Artists we suggest for your favorite Genres might not include all of your Favorite Artists, so you can use the Search box to type in and search for specific Artists to add to your Favorite Artists.
When you tap to select an Artist from our list, the outline of that Artist will turn orange and the Artist will appear in the tagged list above.  When you search for and choose to add your own specific Artists, those are added in your tagged list too.  You can remove Artists by tapping the X next to any Artist in your tagged list.
You can also edit your Favorite Artists any time by going to your Profile, then Edit Profile, then Favorite Artists.