How do I Send a Song to another user?

To Send a Song as part of a Chat message with any of your Connections or as part of an initial Chat message (Send Greeting) to any user from their Profile:
  • From Chat, tap on the desired Chat thread or from any user Profile who is not already a Connection tap on Send Greeting
  • Tap the Send a Song button
  • Search by Song or Artist Name to find your Song (tap the orange Play button to hear a 30 second clip of any Song in your Search Results to make sure it is the correct Song you wish to Send)
  • Tap on the Song to choose it (this attaches the Song to the Chat message, you have not Sent it yet, if you find you have chosen the wrong Song, tap on Delete Song and start over)
  • Tap Send to Send the Song
In your Chat message, you can Send a Song by itself, Send a Song with some text or Send a Song with some text and with an Invitation to an Event.
The recipient will receive a Chat message including the Song you Sent.  They can tap the orange play button to hear a 30 second clip of the song within Resonate or they can tap on Listen on Spotify.  Listen on Spotify will open the Spotify app on their iPhone and:
  • If they have Spotify Premium, the Song will automatically start playing
  • If they have Spotify Free, the Song will be part of a Shuffle list that will start playing when Shuffle Play is tapped