How do I invite members of one of My Groups to a Place Event?

To Invite group members to a Place Event as part of a Post in one of your Groups:
  • From My Groups, tap on the desired Group, then tap on Create a Post
  • Tap the Invite to an Event button
  • Tap on Places
  • Search for any Place (bar, restaurant, museum, theatre, etc.)
  • Tap on the desired Place listing to choose it, type in a Name for your Event, select a Date and Time (tap on Save to Save the Date/Time), then tap on Done (this attaches the Place Event to your Post, but you have not Sent it yet, if you find that you have chosen the wrong place , tap Delete Event and start over)
  • Tap Post to Send the Invite to a Place Event in a Post
In your Group Post message, you can Invite to a Place Event by itself, Invite to a Place Event with some text or Invite to a Place Event with some text and with Send a Song.
The Group will receive your Post including the Invite to Place Event you Sent. When viewing the Post, any Group members has option to reply to your invitation with Yes, No or Maybe. When any member of the Group taps on Yes, that member’s Profile Picture will show up under People Going to the Place Event in your Post. Tapping on the Profile Picture will take you to any user’s Profile Page.
For any Place Event invitation in a Group Post that you accept with a Yes, that Place Event will be listed in your Profile in the Going To section. Only you can see the Going To section in your Profile, other user’s cannot see your Going To section when viewing your Profile.