How do I Invite another user to a Concert Event?

To Invite a user to a Concert Event as part of a Chat message with any of your Connections or as part of an initial Chat message (Send Greeting) to any user from their Profile:
  • From Chat, tap on the desired Chat thread or from any user Profile who is not already a Connection tap on Send Greeting
  • Tap the Invite to an Event button
  • Concerts should already be selected
  • Search by Artist Name (Note that this Search box requires complete, exact Artist Name to return results.
  • The first concert in the list for your Searched Artist will be the upcoming concert closest to your location, all other results in the list will show other concerts for this Artist in chronological order
  • Tap on desired Concert listing to choose it (this attaches the Concert Event to the Chat message, you have not Sent it yet, if you find that you have chosen the wrong concert, tap Delete Event and start over)
  • Tap Send to Send the Invite to a Concert Event
In your Chat message, you can Invite to a Concert Event by itself, Invite to a Concert Event with some text or Invite to a Concert Event with some text and with Send a Song.
The recipient will receive a Chat message including the Invite to Concert Event you Sent.  The recipient Invite has options to reply to your invitation of Yes, No or Maybe.  In your Sent Chat, the Concert Invitation shows Waiting for @username’s response until the recipient taps on Yes, No or Maybe.  When the recipient taps on Yes, No or Maybe, the Event is updated in your Chat and you will also receive a separate Chat message letting you know their answer.
For any Concert Event invitation that you send that is accepted by the recipient with a Yes, that Concert Event will be listed in your Profile in the Going To section.  Only you can see the Going To section in your Profile, other user’s cannot see your Going To section when viewing your Profile.