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A Better Way To Send, Receive & Share Music

– For fun people
– Who love music
– Resonate is the new social music messaging app
– That makes it easy for you to chat with people with inline music
– Unlike Facebook, YouTube or Spotify
– Resonate gives you a better way to send, receive and share music


Resonate gives you a simple messaging platform to send, receive and share music inside chats with your friends.

Inside individual and group chats, easily play sent & received songs, albums, artists & playlists inline. With Resonate, now you can talk with and about music in normal, easy conversational ways!

Never have to copy, paste or share music links (that your recipient can’t reply to in kind) from multiple apps again.

With your Spotify account connected, Resonate is like “WhatsApp” but purpose built for music.


  • So easy, start with the simple action of sending someone you know a song to tell them how you are feeling or to share something new. With Resonate, now it’s easy to communicate “with” and “about” music.
  • Say it with music, Resonate Send Music is music messaging re-imagined.


  • Personal (one to one) and Group Chat just like you are used to from whatever app you use for generic texting, but with Resonate purpose built for music.
  • Send, receive, share and play songs, albums, artists and playlists inline inside your chats.
  • Plus send, receive and accept (or decline) invites to concerts and any other meeting place that you fancy.
  • Want even more? Send, receive and share Music News about your favorite artists.
  • Do it all with Resonate Chat, fix anything with sound.


  • Meet your Resonate Music Radar Feed, where you can post (and comment) and play & share songs, albums, artists & playlists with your friends.
  • Discover and listen to great music that comes from your friends, not from an impersonal music algorithm.
  • See (and share) music news about your favorite artists and post concert and other meeting place invites.
  • With Resonate’s Music Radar, there’s no such thing a fake music.


  • Discover and connect with people to meet new friends, all through the lens of music. Resonate Discover shows you people in order by those with the most common mutual favorite artists and friends.
  • View the Profiles of people who interest you to send an initial greeting, see shared favorite artists & connections and recently played music.
  • Bookmark interesting people to save them and see who has bookmarked you!
  • Re-discover your existing friends through their musical side.
  • Build, grow and see your Resonate Connections (anyone with whom you have had a 2 way chat)
  • With Resonate, it’s time to tune into people through the shared love of music.


  • Friends not already on Resonate? Share a song you love with any of your contacts to invite them to join you on Resonate!


  • Easily build your Profile by linking your Spotify account to Resonate.
  • See your fun music interests at a glance including your favorite artists, playlists, recently listened to tracks and most played songs, albums & artists.
  • See what concert and place event invitations you have sent or accepted.
  • Let people know if you have interest in dating.
  • With Resonate, music is the anthem of your soul!


  • Always present and intuitive, Resonate’s music player makes it easy to see what’s playing and queue’d and to find music to send to other’s that let’s them know exactly how you feel.
  • Easily share the music you are listening to with your friends.
  • View album, artist and playlist pages, save playlists that your friends send to you!
  • Like songs, “save” albums, “follow” artists and “save” playlists – all synced to & from your connected Spotify account seamlessly!